Welcome to the newest member of formel B’s restaurant family!

In 2003 Kristian Arpe-Møller og Rune Amgild Jochumsen took over Restaurant formel B in Vesterbrogade. Not long after, they received a Michelin star for their hard work and culinary standards. After a few years with set menus, they wanted to present a more free restaurant and engage their guests more – so they made a bold decision. They removed the set menus and started to focus solely on á la carte. In 2016 the Michelin star is still in place!

Kristian Arpe-Møller and Rune Amgild Jochumsen later opened Restaurant Sletten in Humlebæk harbour, the gourmet bistro Uformel in Studiestræde and now Restaurant Palægade.

The lunch kitchen is led by Karina Pedersen. She has 10 years of experience from Restaurant Schønnemann. The evening kitchen is led by Morten Buhl, former sous chef at formel B. Morten is trained by Kristian Arpe-Møller and has been part of maintaining the 1* Michelin for many years.

Simon Olesen and Rasmus Amdi Larsen are both well known sommeliers with many years of experience from top restaurants in Denmark. During lunch they serve beer and akvavit from small and large producers. In the evening their focus is on wines from the classic European regions. Simon and Rasmus serve the guests at Restaurant Palægade with a knowledge and dedication that can only be obtained through many years of love for their profession!