Restaurant Palægade can accommodate parties up to 80 persons. We are also happy to accommodate smaller or larger parties. Email or call us for more information.

Group menus for lunch

For lunch we offer two different menus for your group to experience the best of the Danish lunch kitchen.

“The Quick Lunch Menu”

Includes 3 servings:

2 different types of fish & 2 different types of meat & sweets – 350,- per person

The Quick Lunch Menu is ideal if you and your group have limited time for the lunch, but still wants to try the best of the Danish lunch kitchen. 

“The Big Lunch Menu”

Includes 4 servings:

2 different types of herring & 2-3 types of fish & 2-3 types of meat & dessert – 495,- per person

The Big Lunch Menu is ideal if your group have longer time to spend. A big “Smørrebrød” lunch is essential for a complete visit in Copenhagen. 

Group menus for dinner

For dinner, we offer set menu’s including beverages to ensure to meet the budget for the group. Please see these menus as suggestions and dont hesitate to call or mail us for further information. We will go far and wide to accommodate any special wishes or budgets. We know that not two parties are alike.

3-course dinner: Starter & Main & Dessert – 450,- per person
4-course dinner: Starter & Starter & Main & Dessert – 550,- per person

Packages including beverages 

“A evening at Palægade”

3-course dinner with white wine, red wine, coffee for the dessert and water – 750,- including food and beverages

“A Dinner At Palægade”

4-course dinner with a 4 glass wine pairing, coffee and water – 950,- including food and beverages