Classic Danish smørrebrød – masterfully done. Beer and akvavit from small and large producers.

*Parties over 8 guests must pre-order a set menu. See more under Events.


Beers on tap from Møns Bryghus and Thisted Bryghus

0.25 L 40,- / 0.5 L 65,-

Ask your waiter for our selection of beers by the bottle


House recommends clear Aquavit

Dill & Anisse Aquavit – Palægade og CPH Distillery

House recommends aged Aquavit

Niels Juel Aquavit – Braunstein

House recommends fruity snaps

Hulsig Hede’s Tranebær – Smagaf

House recommends aromatic snaps

Indonesian Long Pepper – Palægade og CPH Distillery

Clear Aquavits

Taffel Aquavit ‘Rød Aalborg’

Harald Jensens Aquavit

Brøndums Kummenaquavit*

Bornholmer Klar Aquavit

D’Argentum Klar Dild – Den Ny Spritfabrik*

Dill & Anisse – Palægade og CPH Distillery*

Sort Taffel – CPH Distillery*

Gilde’s Taffel Aquavit*

Simer’s Taffel Aquavit*

Gilde’s Dild Aquavit*

O.P. Anderson Klar

Hallands Fläder

Aqua Vitae Sydfyn Æbleaquavit*

Ørbæk’s Fionia Øl Snaps*

Aged Aquavits

Linie Aquavit Lysholmer*

O.P Anderson

O.P Anderson Extra*

Aalborgs Jubilæum

Aalborgs Nordguld

Bornholmer 1855

D’Aurum Gylden Dild – Den Ny Spritfabrik*

Gammel Opland*

Löiten Aquavit*

Löitens Sommer Aquavit*

Tronhjems Aquavit*

Bergens 1818 Aquavit*

Drammens Aquavit*

Gildes Marquavit*

Gildes Bacalao*

Snälleröds Mäskdrengen

Östgöta Sädesbrännvin

Herrgårds Aquavit

Hven Aquavit*

Hven Sommer Aquavit*

Braunstein Maltaquavit*

Braunstein Niels Juel Aquavit’

Braunstein Påske*

Braunstein Øl-Snaps*

Aromatic snaps

Hr. Skov Porse*

Hr Skov Valnød*

Fary-Lochan Brændenælde*

Fary-Lochan Forårsturter*

Fary-Lochan Porse*

Aqua Vitae Sydfyn Kvan*

Aqua Vitae Sydfyn Krondild*

Nordisk Brænderi ‘Røde Willy’ (Blodrod)*

Nordisk Brænderi ‘Sneppesnaps’ (Lakridsrod og Urter)*

Nordisk Brænderi ‘Fisk&Skaldyr’ (Anis og Appelsin)*

Indonesian Long Pepper – CPH Distillery*

Braunstein Porse*

Ørbæk’s Fionia Slåen*

Smagaf Grenen – Fadlagret Moseporse*

Smagaf Sommer – Klokkelyng*

Smagaf Eng – Perikon*

Smagaf Vestkysten – Klitrose*

Smagaf De 2 Have – Revling*

Smagaf Blend no. 1 – Nordjysk Bjesk (til de seje!)*

Herslev Bryghus Stjerneanis*

Fruity snaps

Hr. Skov Blåbær/Havtorn*

Smagaf Hulsig Hede’s Tranebær*

Smagaf Strand – Marhalm og Havtorn*

Smagaf Skov – Blåbær og Brombær*

Fary-Lochan Natursnaps (hyben og hvidtjørn)*

Aqua Vitae Sydfyn Kvæde*

Aqua Vitae Sydfyn Filippa*

Aqua Vitae Sydfynske Jordbær*

Braunstein Æblesnaps*

Årsta Brännvin

The rare ones

Viti Icelandic Aquavit

Gilde Non Plus Ultra

Gammel Opland Edel 5 års Portvin

Gammel Opland Edel 5 år Madeira

VI:ER Aquavit

Mikkeller Black Spirit Oloroso Cask

Mikkeller Black Spirit Bourbon Cask

Mikkeller Black Spirit Rum Cask


3 cl ‘en lille’ 45,- / 6 cl ‘en almindelig’ 85,-

Brændevine med * 3 cl ‘en lille’ 60,- / 6 cl ‘en almindelig’ 110,-

De dyre dråber 3 cl ‘en lille’ 75,- / 6 cl ‘en almindelig’ 150,-

Smørrebrød – a Danish origin

At Restaurant Palægade we strive to serve the best Smorrebrod or Open Faced Sandwich in Denmark. To ensure that our goals are met, the kitchen is run by Karina Pedersen and Betina Madsen that have over 25 years of combined experience.

Ordering Smorrebrod can be a bit confusing for outsiders. But rest assured that your waiter will give you a strong introduction to the Danish traditions. Everything is prepared in house and as much as possible is organic or free range produce. The locally produced beers and aquavits, that you would normally drink with your Smorrebrod are all cherry-picked among the best of the best.

From our selection of around 40 different types of Smorrebrod, ranging from the traditional herrings over home-smoked salmon to tenderloin with mushrooms a la creme you are sure to your favourites.

We are looking forward to welcome you at our restaurant – and we are looking forward to present the best of the Danish lunch traditions for you and your guest.